This supplement is a waste of your money (unless you need a laxative)

Ingredients Matter Part 1

This info comes from both personal experience and scientific research: a certain magnesium supplement gives you the shits! 

The culprit is magnesium oxide. You’ll see magnesium listed in several different forms and they are not equal: I want to help you understand how to choose effective supplements that actually work.

Magnesium oxide is used in pharmacy medicines as an antacid or laxative - but it’s also commonly found in nutrition supplements. For nutrition purposes, its use is questionable, yet even higher-end supplement brands are using it.

Here’s why you should avoid it:

It’s highly insoluble, difficult to break down, so only a small amount (around 4%) of the magnesium ever gets absorbed and used by the body. That’s why it can be used as a laxative.

So why is it used in supplements?

In supplemental form, you always see a compound name on the label (e.g. magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, magnesium bisglycinate etc) because elemental magnesium is always bound with another substance. These different compounds contain varying percentages of magnesium. Magnesium oxide has the most magnesium, at least 60%, whereas others have around 8-20%. Imagine the difference on a supplement label of a 300mg capsule and you see why people put it in their products:

-       Magnesium oxide 180mg

-       Magnesium citrate 45mg

I prefer to use a smaller amount of both magnesium citrate and bisglycinate, to improve absorption and efficacy (not of the diarrhoea-inducing variety).

Why I don’t bother with magnesium in my multivitamin

I don’t see any point having magnesium in a multi: you get such a tiny amount that you’d want to take a separate magnesium supplement anyway. It just takes up a lot of space that you could give to some other useful nutrients! I’ve deviated from the standard multi formula with Pollution Protection and instead of wasting space on macro-minerals, I’ve given you lots of amazing antioxidants not found in other multivitamins. Plus I like to take magnesium separately at night, because it’s calming.

Tell me, have you been taking magnesium and how’s it benefiting you (or not)? Poo anecdotes welcome here.

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