Buy some vitamins and save a turtle’s life!

OK, maybe this is an exaggeration. I can't verify just how many lives we are saving. But, I know you’ve seen Blue Planet and cried over the fishes getting trapped or poisoned by plastic rubbish discarded by us, the hoards of selfish humans. Did you see the photo of the seahorse tail-wrapped on a plastic cotton bud instead of seagrass/whatever they normally hang on? Attenborough really made us think more about the impact of our daily choices.

So, let’s agree that the less new plastic manufactured, the better. Most supplement companies use PET plastic bottles because they’re super cheap and don’t get smashed in the post. They might be technically recyclable, but who knows how many 1000s of those little bottles are being thrown in the landfill - or worse, the ocean! Well, probably someone knows, but I haven’t got time to research that this morning.

The point is, I had lovely metal tins made instead. They’re recyclable. But they're also useful little pots if you want to reuse them. They have a food-safe lining so you could use them to take nuts to work, or store spices in, or keep some loose-leaf tea fresh.

They did cost more than the plastic variety, but I think it was worth it. And judging by today’s news, YOU do too: research has shown that for the first time, the British public are prioritising their environmental concern about plastic packaging over the price of goods when shopping. 

So thank you, from your turtle friends ☺ 

(actually, turtles are weird and antisocial and spend their whole life swimming around alone, so I should’ve name-dropped some dolphins instead)