These 3 things can stop a cold in its tracks

There’s a definite chill in the air so we’re heading into cold season! Think about what medicines and supplements you have in your cupboard now - if you started feeling ill this evening, would you be able to treat yourself? It’s much better to keep remedies in stock at home than scramble for medicine when you’ve already caught a cold and you’d rather stay in bed. 

Taking immune boosters when you’re in contact with sick people, or at the first sign of a sniffle, can prevent a cold taking hold. At the least, it’ll reduce the severity and duration of symptoms if you do succumb. Read on for my 3 most effective boosters.


#1 Beta-Glucans

In terms of immune support, you’re looking for a complex called 1,3/1,6 (other types are used for cardiovascular health). These are polysaccharides that in food, we’d find in medicinal mushrooms. Feel free to cook yourself a maitake stir-fry, but in the interests of convenience and quick action, I take beta-glucans in a capsule for their amazing immune-stimulating effects. 

If you want to know the hows and whys: because these types of polysaccharides are found in the cell walls of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, our immune system gears up after recognising them, activating the complement system, enhancing macrophages and natural killer cell function.

#2 Ester‑C®

Everyone’s familiar with Vitamin C as a cold remedy - it appears to prevent and treat respiratory infections. Having low Vitamin C impairs immunity; then a resulting infection increases demand and further depletes our Vitamin C levels.

Ester‑C® shows better results as an immune supplement than standard ascorbic acid. It’s buffered with calcium - this was originally done to make Vit C gentler on the stomach - but has subsequently been found to be taken up well by immune cells and to last longer than the standard stuff.

I like to take small amounts (240mg) regularly throughout the day rather than a mega dose once or twice. Vitamin C’s water-soluble so any more than you can use immediately gets peed out.


#3 Elderberry

Elderberry is a natural anti-viral that people have used forever and now studies show it can reduce the number of days suffering from viral symptoms. Traditionally people make the berries into syrup but I use the dried juice in a capsule for convenience. 

I met someone at Rivers’ Remedies recently who travels a lot for work, and was falling ill with a cold after every trip. I suggested Immune Support before and during flights and YAY it was a great success - no days off work on her recent return to London.

Bonus tip: relieve congestion and sleep better

I use this Breathesasy essential oil blend diluted in oil and massaged on to my chest/back at night. Helps you sleep better which in turn helps you recover more quickly!


One last thing: getting well quicker vs managing symptoms

Using over the counter cold & flu medicine (usually paracetamol based) works to ease pain and reduce fever. But, it’s not doing anything to help your immune system speed up your recovery. Immune boosting and anti-viral remedies, on the other hand, can prevent illness, or speed up recovery and reduce the severity of symptoms. Of course, you might choose to take both if you simply can’t stay in bed!!

Thanks for reading, I hope this inspires you to get the immune kit stocked up ready to ward off colds before they lay you low!

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Daisy x

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