3 Simple Remedies

I hope you enjoy the Christmas break as much as I do. I hate the short days of winter, but in December everywhere’s twinkly and festive, so you don’t mind being out when it’s dark at 4pm.

Whatever you’re doing for Christmas itself , the run up can be stressful, especially so if you’re taking some much-needed time off: finishing up work projects and going to Christmas parties – and probably a lot of shopping!  That can lead to the most annoying affliction of the stressed: dropping with a cold as soon as you take a holiday.

So, whether you’re heading off for some winter sun or sticking around to visit family, here are 3 ideas to help you keep well.

  1. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to be travelling abroad, somewhere warm? If you’re flying, there’s an increased risk of picking up a respiratory infection. A study on Elderberry extract in air travellers found that those who got a cold and were taking elderberry had significantly milder symptoms and on average a 2 day shorter illness duration, compared to placebo. Ideally start taking it in advance - I’d take 1 capsule a day for at least a week in advance and increase to 3 while travelling.

    Elderberry is also relevant if you’re having a staycation though – keep your Immune Support handy in case you feel under the weather!

  2. Probiotics are a good preparation for most holidays. If you’re at home for a Christmas feast, and your tummy’s prone to discord following rich food and wine, a daily probiotic can help you stay level.

    If you’re travelling, new food, different water, changing time zones and eating at unusual hours conspires to upset the bowel one way or the other! The best prevention is probiotics at least a week in advance and throughout your holiday.

  3. If you get a tummy upset while travelling, activated charcoal capsules are a cheap and effective remedy. I keep them with me even in the UK; I find they’re helpful in case of occasional gas and bloating after rich holiday food!

    Be careful if you take prescription medications though, because the whole point is they bind and remove stuff from the gut.

You can check out some party prep ideas here too.

It’s not quite Christmas yet, but I wish you a merry time over the month ahead. You deserve a break from work! Cook a beautiful feast, play stupid games and try not to argue with your family. Daisy xx

PS: Don’t go furniture/carpet/sale shopping on Boxing Day, WHAT IS THAT ABOUT.